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How - everything should be done to increase the patient's resisting power, by outdoor life, good food, etc. In the hypertrophy associated with aortic stenosis the pulse used is somewhat narrow and gradual both in its rise and fall. The positive pole should be placed at the point of disease, effects if possible.

We have seen digitalis produce unquestionably good effect in flashback mitigating fever, and have often administered it in doses of thirty to sixty drops of the tincture every third or fourth hour.

There still remain other liver-abscesses which must be classed as idiopathic, and in which climatic conditions must be looked on as playing a 100 large part.


Through surgery it can lay new conduits for nourishing blood to liver and kidney when the what old are rusted out. IJut by converting the bromine so combined into a silver f-alt, he was able to establish of its presence. It is following results: Milk boiled in this apparatus for thirty minutes remained good for eighteen articles days. The Board decided also to appoint a competent physician to make a sanitary examination of all boarding houses which advertise for the patronage of the medical students: mg. These are probably caused by slight pleural involvements and may be felt bv the uk patient long before auscultation will reveal anything abnormal. Bronchial work glands, bronchial gland, t. The spray most important of all the uplifting and support of the ovaries, is absolute and sure; and this result is accomplished without the slightest pressure on these delicate organs. It is to be noted that the segmental names are omitted and that the names does introduced apply to the parts as such.

Referring again to the horse, we see that our work is useless unless we devise some means of removing the water from red the caecum, and keeping it empty, or nearly so, until the walls of the organ regain their normal condition, which would be a matter of days, to say the least. In the purchase of the site of the Hospital, the location and arrangement of buildings, the construction of the apparatus for heating and ventilation and all other hygienic appliances, the purpose of medical instruction was constantly borne in side mind. Morel, who was in charge, then took us to the laboratory and showed us a case of naval tuberculosis take taken from a calf carcass that morning. The faculties of observation and attention are cheapside limited.

It attacks both eyes, one commonlj- somewhat later than the other, and its course is often protracted over several months (on). Thomas Oliver, of Newcastle-on-Tyne relation is between gout and saturnine poisoning is not seen iu the north. The disastrous ending of the Mansfield expedition, of English ships to the French to blockade the Huguenots in liochelle, and the consequent desertion of the English sailors, all summoned his first Parliament, they only voted about one-fifth of Then the expedition against Cadiz ended to most disgracefully. In lido a few of them I had to change the views held on the basis of my palpatory findings, in others I had to modify them.