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Venice is the head-quarters of all Padua lunatics, of

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entitled to great credit: he paid most careful attention to

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reperto endoftalinoscopico negative ; inefScacia di alcuni

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ation of rolling out and folding up the paste is called " giving a

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attendance on classes which constitutes an annus meclicus is fixed

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testicle, is a contribution of first-class importance.

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Usually because long-term patients have been involun-


effect of our remedies. Besides, you can only do it by the

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ble, and of about the size of an ordinary one. There were several

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long enough with it, yet that ordinarily in the process of digestion, the

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Thorough vaccination, at four or five points, is an almost sure proteo*

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Harlem Hospital on the evening of October 10, 1889,

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verts to suit his own vile ends. His exploits in the last-


For Sale. — At a low figure: A set of " Hering's Guiding Symptoms," cloth,

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the finger in the bowel. Put cosmoline on the skin to

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substance of the heart was inflamed ; the pericardium presented hardly

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so from sea-sickness, their names cannot be continued on the

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most useful in muscular debility and weariness, and the family attendant

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even over the stomach. This is easily explained by the fact that a

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people have received treatment for certain affections, and that a

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Allu'. med. Ceu'tr.-Ztg., Ber!., 1897, Ixvi, 30.5-308.— iUol-

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have time to give individual instruction to many pa-

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most particular privileges, which it had allowed to

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In the former institution, 33,395 prescriptions were

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the region of the hippocampus in the descending horn

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useful, as it describes methods employed in operative work, holders for

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the restiform body, and eventually becomes continuous with

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The cervix and perinaeum were badly lacerated (the wom-

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set up always presents some of the characters of the original

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the alveolar air in spite of great changes in the amount of oxygen

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posticus, and the elevation of the heel by the muscles