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of one or more examinations. How is it with us : Let us

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least noise, for example, may be intensely disagreeable. Shivering feelings

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purulent material, frecpiently stained with blood, were evident

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I would like to ask him why he pushed his finger through the

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J. Trop. M., Loud., 1898-9. i, 335- 337. — Ferguson

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the community of the services of some of the most capable and

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granular matter and small whitish flakes of mucus. In other oases they

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experimental work, concludes that an alcoholic solution is to be preferred

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line of treatmsnt. Free incision is p3rmi8sible for purpose of

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the layers of the omentum. The outer lining membrane

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the management of Drs. Alice Norton, Gertrude Walk-

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of the cell becomes much greater; the Altmann granules, instead of being

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ration of the best naturalists ? What is there to hinder these most minute

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endeavored to trace the origin of each set of symptoms to

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that an examination of the rectum should take place, and the

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short acount...., London, 1776, and in Sammlung au.serlesener Abhandlungen,

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dose of blue pills, followed in six hours by castor oil, produced

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most important facts of dermatology as they are understood

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solutions bear the same ratio toward each other as the square of the

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Braifpra Jinfhelmintica. — Dr. Brayer, who resided a long time at

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potassium may be tried sufficiently without risk of evil consequences. In

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the Torrey Botanical Club," 1887, page 143, under the