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3rd. That a gum-elastic catheter, with a fine stilette, may often

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The period of incubation is variable. It varies between two and fifteen

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cords to be reddish in color, as is the whole mucous

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where an incurable ulcer in the hand had been found to have

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cholera symptoms is preceded by prodromata in the form of

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Some describe as a separate variety of chronic parenchymatous nephritis

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the use of one of the chief officers of the court of the Emperor,

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tails methods. He performed it on a man in whom it was

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chapter on susceptibility and immunity — for here theory and practice harmon-

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errand-boy. United States, has had gonorrhoea one year

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the worW beueve that of the herd of 119 animals the

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pathogenic and (2) pathogenic forms. These he subdivided as

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and of obtaining a clean wound which would be likely to heal by first

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does not remain consistently higher among controls and in both

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cbeilocleisis ) nella cura delle flstole vescico-vaginali e

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we shall then have done with him, and we shall then go to

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appendicitis. . These inflammations are of bacterial nature.

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agar plates made from the pus obtained by passing a platinum loop

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tion a net-work of well-developed connective tissue,

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causes of tabes dorsalis, as hereditary joint affections, alcoholism, sexual

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St. Bartholomew's Hospital by Mr. Paget, > tion is developed, and reappearing as it is

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half-unconscious condition. No further convulsion oc-

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Here patients showing obvious deterioration are frequently

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nervous system may also be attended by convulsions.

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applied, the cup is cooled with water or otherwise and owing to

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have well nigh exhausted the higher game, and nothing will soon be left but the

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a half. She was well up to a year and a half ago, when

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which take place in adjacent structures, as the head of the colon,

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readily breaking down into small gelatinous masses. The

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remedies. Prov. M. J., Leicester, 1892, xi, 638-640.—

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hemiplegia sometimes occurs in cases of active congestion, which may be

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certain organs, but more generally, I should suppose,