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" 20. Hypertrophy or atrophy of the tongue, sufficient in degree to

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the radiologist^ in dealing with cases of ureteral calculi, is '^ a ship

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Work op the Serbian Sanitary Commission. Dr. Richard P.

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Bamberger, signs which arise in pericarditis with efTu-

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vious diarrhoea. He therefore chooses mild purgatives at first, and

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striking in the case of fat than of butter, and least of all in the case

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obliterated and was the thickest and strongest part of the abdominal walls

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from a small quantity of sputum from a patient with malignant scarlatina.

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'I'liroiiLrli rennet in .1 ^as was i)asH(Ml for live minutes; tlio rcnnot in B

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ology of malaria and malarial' affections Two hundred and fifty Brooklyn physi-

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monial I should have thought an address from his col-

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These operations can be most rapidly and conveniently performed

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equal propriety say the '' Medical Society of the County

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the inner than of the outer table of the skull. The bone was raised, and

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or condyloma is found. If recent, these exhibit a more or less lively red

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fallacies of the medical treatment of this disease.

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operation, more to prevent failure due to their neglect than

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tinued with an extended temperature chart and brief

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There are two methods of clinical teaching followed by those

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dues the inflammation and removes the collection of

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disturbance, and is ijreceded by burning or pain in the region to be

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lobular septa being conspicuously seen. At this stage the lung is spoken

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patient should be placed in bed, put on liquid diet, and given

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drops of a saturated alcoholic solution of tropeolin 00, which has

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mode in which this parasite causes death. Dr. Keller considers that it is a

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born dead as breech presentations the specific gravity of the lower

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it is possible to get rid of the cause, that, of course, is the thing

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compress, nightcap and roller. The wound in the face was left

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US Army in World War II. Prepared by the Historical Unit,

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Her head was bathed with cold water ; drafts were applied to the

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they run a less favorable course, even when the infecting poison

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tioned, twenty-three which may be considered as cotton

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convalescence from acute disease, especially scarlet fever, not only

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walking or in venery, which cause engorgement of the inguinal glands

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