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blood, affords relief to the over-loaded blood-vessels, and congested lungs

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1914. Krumbhaar, Edward B., A.B., Ph.D., M.D., Director of

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their feeble powers, and in those of any age who possess poor con-

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phimosis. In the former instance it is almost indistinguishable from

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whole nervous state uns-table, the circulation uneven, and diges-

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havin;^ identical susceptil)ilitics and similar surroundin<rs — more

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the Session 1850-51, to the Alumni of the School. By the Medical Faculty,

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some care and sagacity is occasionally, though not always, re-

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Objections to the Bath Treatment. — -There are many urged against

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however, the possibility that the Morgan bacillus does play a minor

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ories and redundant explanations, to bring within a comparatively small

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and the purulent ophthalmia had ensuid in the child, such an

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to be threatened before operation is considered allowable.

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easier, for, as Traube has pointed out, the blood gravitates from the

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swelling of the neck, on the left side, occupying the

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potassium permanganate solutions more quickly than other

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however, in parenchymatous nephritis, the effusion contains urea and

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capillaries. 6. Capillaries tend to remain at normal

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chloric acid, is strongly advocated. For local treatment of the affected

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/-V----C cold body. Outside of this is the third cone, less

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without, due to the transportation of poison by the

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the leg forward by a rotary movement imparted to it by the

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Dr. Foster ; Mr. Heahnt: ; Mr. Phillips : Mr. BrrKiN-cHA3i ; Dr. Stewart

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ation. A table is given also containing 37 cases, which

low-dose levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol patch and pill a randomized controlled trial

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trained in the diagnosis of insanity and mental defects; to provide

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To approach intelligently the question of the forma-

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epileptic cases also exhibit the same symptoms ; but it is not clear that the

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of flowing. Schmidt found the amount of oxygen in the blood-

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septicaemia, with local infection in a region that might cause

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Meyer, Jules O, Route 2, Box 97, Grand Rapids, MN 55744

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and attention to the tapping of the pleural sac, when there is

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ation. When there is great intolerance of the lower bowel,

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mercury dermatitis. (See p. 808.) Nageli found eosinophilia fre-

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three mentioned at the outset of this article, and that Avhich up to this

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Center, Andrews AFB, Washington, DC, 2 years; Wilford

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