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tation, — one of the most difficult forms of valvular heart trou-

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including the ports of the tropical Atlantic coast in America and Africa.

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diminish the severity of other symptoms, shortens the duration of

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improve digestion, whilst in large amounts they retard or

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vascular system — grant this, and it seems to us that the problem in

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\ Hippocrates mentions the success of cold affusions upon the abdomen in

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manifested. During any of the eruptive stages — papular, vesicular, or

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The diabetic may eat terrapin, a dish for the gods. " Good

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water of a temperature of from 00° to 70°, appropriate to the case, is

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Wine Berry. — A new berry of the raspberry order, and

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of fine flavor, have good aroma and smooth taste, and are

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September 19th. Hot-air bath (170°) three minutes. Circular douche, 80°

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inches below the joint was intended for kneeling legs. Xowadays

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one degree, in which case it is advisable either to prolong the bath to

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found that of sixty cases receiving house treatment at the onset

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controls grew well except in one agar-agar tube sealed with

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|iui)lishing-, for W Jariic dries haviiiir a eonihined i)opulation

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myself took care of him. He didd at his home in Philadelphia,

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child to be violent nor for the delirium to continue long.

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ache, but it seldom outlasts the latter. Before delirium manifests it-

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than the race is increasing. There are many ways to account

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fluid extract of jambul seeds) for a time, and then stopped

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so distressing to many patients and their friends, I was glad to

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would result from accepting the report of the university examiners

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" There are three great indications to moderate the fever — quiet nervous

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the muscles, submucous and subcutaneous tissues, bones, the parotid

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is often a trivial diarrhea. The affection is then characterized prin-

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these were the best, produced the largest citrons and the most

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hot baths is claimed to be so enduring that it is regarded as an econom-

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ber of calories furnished by the normal organism in twenty-four hours.

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ity of 19.23 per cent. The English army statistics averaged, for the

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might hope to find that of which old age has deprived us, and

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four teaspoonfuls, or olive oil, two teaspoonf uls ; hot water,

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during the bath. Institution (cabinet and douche) treatment is exceed-

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furnished above. Eeaction is the aim of therapy in this dread

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Strasser subjected two young men, eighteen and twenty-eight years

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