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cles. They consist of atrophy and hypertrophy of the primitive muscle-

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carotids, as recommended by Horsley and Spencer, might be tried. We

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DEFINITION. A localized inflammation of the bronchi, usually chronic,

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ber of glands involved and the rapidity of the infection. Osier mentions

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hysteria ; in the very acute sudden cases it may be necessary not only to

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etiological importance of the development of the sexual function is

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thor, " produce complete muscular relaxation : in the others, this is

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Paris hospitals, from 1880 to 1889, the yearly average of deaths from

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At least seventy-five grains of quinine should be given within eighteen

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in various positions of the cord. (See Locomotor Ataxia. )

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tion, which almost invariably appears first upon the cheeks and fore-

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mittent fever, quotidian, tertian, and quartan, though the quartan type

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transudation of serum from the blood-vessels, which accumulates in the

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types is in the fact that when epilepsy is pronounced the basal cranial

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mouth to retain the saliva, which dribbles constantly. As the disease

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pito-frontal bandage; teeth pressed into place with considerable

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into Bowman's capsules or into the tubules. This renal albuminuria is to

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in the current history of medicine and surgery. Reviews of recent

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cases acute constipation exists. The skin and the mucous membranes

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believed to be practically of more importance than all others connect-

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sates with its fellow, or, in other words, crosses over to enter the optic

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rence of cases of chronic diffuse peritonitis in which large quantities

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the destroyed portion. We have no knowledge of the pathway between

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Abnormal Contents. Various foreign bodies introduced into the

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speaking, antagonistic. The results of the administration of the anti-

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of the follicles. The mucous membrane is thickened from an increase of

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istics. These are simple purpura, rheumatic purpura, and hemorrhagic

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not long after the operation, appeared in the opposite side.

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from inflamed joints, as shown by Petrone and Kammerer, and in the

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that they may be due to a wide-spread vice of constitution. They may

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nodules and diffused gangrene are frequently due to the dissemination of

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Beri-beri. This is an endemic disease of China, Japan, and various

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not to an increase of urea and urates. In the stage of extreme atrophy

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The first indication is to check gastric movements ; the second, to

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SYMPTOMATOLOGY. Usually, but not always, after a severe local pain,

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of the body, in which their development into cysts, the cysticerci or

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Passive congestion of the lungs is either general or partial. When gen-

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As has been especially pointed out by Cornil, erysipelatous pneu-