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cardial changes associated with irregular pulse and uneven tension. Gas-

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Complete cure with preservation of mobility ; (2) cure

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present state of the law, .to have acquired the rights of a child born living

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allow a herniotome to pass. I have had three or four such

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fluitl. expectorated at rchitivcly slioit intervals and in smaller amounts,

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lie quotes Celsus in this discourse as to how a man may best direct his

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Dr. George Frank Butler of Chicago, 111., has made a report on

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minated fatally. The autopsy revealed old and new adhesions,

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mur was louder than on the previous day ; the limits of dulness on percus-

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Keyes, E. L., M. D., On Syphilis of the Xervous System, . . 369 .

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frequently see cases where it is impossible for me to say whether or not

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blood without the development of a bubo. In the secondary

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fully in the new — practically, unless otherwise provided

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Ixii, 93.— Waiisjii iW. F.) al.\. Uepoi t of committee

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once entered the orifice they continue to be forced down,

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mucous membranes; their presence was known to the early investigators.

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this club, May 27, Drs. W. S. Christopher, Joseph Zeisler and G.


In 1559 Vesalius was sent, by Philip, to France to attend Henry II.,

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desired, I will again refer to the therapeutics of the pelvic organs.

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the laryngologist faced with tuberculosis of the larynx is to leave the larynx

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the vertebral canal. The empyema was a primary, spontaneous, latent

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countenance shrunk, the pulse quickened, cramps came on, with

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There are also certain forms of paralysis arising from

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with patency of the inter-ventricular and inter-auricular septa.

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planations of this preponderance have been advanced. Ro-

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artery passes through the orbit and supplies the inner side of

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One month after his return to Hawick, that is two months from

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Opium is useful, when there are symptoms of stupor or strong incli-

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diseases had been 3, 4, and 2 ; deaths from measles had been

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versity last week, where he installed in the physical chemistry

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tions (Thompson's), and as phosphide of zinc. The dose of

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about the appendix. In the pelvis a quantity of puru-

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