Lightroom: Kenya


To the Kenyans, today is not June 1, it's simply Madaraka Day.

On this date in 1963 the nation attained internal self rule - a precursor to the inevitable independence it gained from the British.

Famed in tourism circles for its wildlife, there is nowhere else on earth more synonymous with safari than the Masai Mara National Reserve.

It is a vast expanse of grassland that reaches beyond the borders of Kenya & into Tanzania's Serengeti National Park.

It is here that nature's most impressive spectacle takes place. Known simply as The Great Migration, over two million zebras, gazelle & wildebeest move between the two national parks in August, September & October each year.

Meanwhile, against this wild & dangerous setting are the Maasai people who have steadfastly resisted the lure of modernisation.

Living in harmony with the natural surrounds, the Maasai have shown an incredible ability to survive in an inhospitable yet fragile environment.