Lightroom: Oman


A land of quiet surprises & desolate beauty Oman is an intriguing nation. Famed for its undulating deserts, remote mountains, pulsing souks & oasis towns it hugs the coastline of the Arabian Peninsula.

The summer months of June to August bring scorching temperatures to the tourist hubs of Muscat, Nizwa and Sur. Meanwhile highs in excess of 55 degrees have been recorded in a huge swathe of remote desert forebodingly known as the Empty Quarter.

The month of June however brings relief to one region in the form of an annual deluge. Heavy rains soak the Kingdom's southern region of Salalah transforming its harsh mountainous landscape into one of verdant valleys, rushing rivers, lush carpets of greenery & sprouting boswelllia trees.

The sap from which, legend has it, was presented to Jesus by the wise men as Frankincense. Deep cliffs plunge into the sea, which at this time of year is whipped by storms & looks like a scene more akin to the angry waters of the Antarctic rather than the typically placid Arabian Sea.


In these intoxicatingly hot months, Omanis flock to Salalah to enjoy the cool relief of grey skies and downpours, while the Europeans inhabit the sun-drenched beaches of the north.

As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side.