The Philippines


The Philippines

Defined by its pimped up jeepneys, sprawling megacities, verdant rice fields, smouldering volcanoes, jaw-dropping dive sites & wide-eyed tarsiers, The Philippines is a land of surprises set adrift from its South East Asian neighbours.

Located on the ominously named Pacific Ring of Fire, this nation of 7107 islands is overwhelmingly Catholic thanks to more than 350 years of Spanish rule.

Vestiges of the bygone era still influence daily life, with exuberant town fiestas, colonial architecture & centuries-old
stone churches that rise majestically above bustling town plazas. 

With a population  of more than 92 million, the country is currently the 12th most inhabited in the world and its capital,
Manila, is the most densely populated city on earth, with 1.6 million people crammed into 38 square kilometres.

For visitors, however, The Philippines' 7000 islands are the real drawcard; welcoming locals gleefully embrace the slowly growing stream of tourists that are discovering the pristine beaches, rainforests, tropical reefs, terraced mountains & abundant wildlife.