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Mor. diet. L. nu/re dicfto, in the manner directed.

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Be sure you have a legal right to make the post-mortem before you

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attack is due to ura3mia in tliese cases, the urine is to be examined with

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a careful test of anti-syphilitic treatment proves does not

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water. A large supply of water flushes the system and

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The above rule, that an atrophy of disuse which depends upon

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the organ contains both fluid and gas ; succussion frequently also suffices

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contained in each of these capsules was clear and limpid, and not mixed

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than half a dozen Acts of Parliament. It is therefore for the

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was considered dangerous, the radical operation was

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other hand, in one child, aged eight years, the Cheyne-Stokes

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the primary form is comparatively rare, but the tumour, when

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they are total abstainers), are furnishing an increasing

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manded more attention. He insisted that he had repeated

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and instructive nervous diseases of modern times, it

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The Ohio State University Trustees are carefully con-

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bined with the original disease. An ordinary case of

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the heading "Curability." Symptomatic fevers naturally

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Spiritus Camphora. Spirit, (gij— Oj.) — Dose, gtt. xx-xxv.

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best way to empty the stomach in opium poisoning is by

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moment. He went forward to them in their trenches, and addressed

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Practically 75 per cent, of all cases of general paralysis ex-

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of pneumonia or rheumatic fever and finds a patient suffering from remit-

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of exclu>iveness, as regards consultations with the so-

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age, single, soaprnakeiyUnited States, has had gonorrhoea,

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mechanical power, and invents instrnments suitable for realising

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month of gestation, received a stab in a scuffle, in-

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quantity of rich stock ; lay the sweetbreads on this, and let

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60 per cent, makes pancreatic disease probable. In view of my

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a pus-tube opening both into the rectum and bladder.

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ture and carried the patient off. The diagnosis was at no time

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ful not to wet the neck, or, should this be done, it