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Does Phenergan Cause High Blood Pressure

stump, occiuring in young children who had suffered am-
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30th of November, 1845, intending to return to his native
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ample, by the irritation of transporting the contents of the upper bowels and
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Hydrochlorothiazide: Periodic determination of serum electrolytes to detect
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seeing at 33 centimetres (which would require a positive
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from two to eight months after the traumas. The study of
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nated, the people are led to the conclusion that there is no
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ably due to the tendency at this age to diarrhea in slight con-
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on page 1561, Joubnal of same date. If your State Society has not
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The bodies have been cultivated from the filtered nasal washings of patients in
does phenergan cause high blood pressure
Dim such glimpses have necessarily been, it is true ; since on
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of diphtheria antitoxin, and to give a basis for its standardization, the
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sion in the bone about the right fronto-parietal suture was
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its appropriation of tliat expended by neighboring muscles,
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the case as hopeless, when I determined to try the assafoetida, but the
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his audience is of very doubtful value as a popular advertisement.
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to deduce therefrom that a specific internal secretion exists.
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It is not clear when the best time for meetings is. There is economy
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If these estimates are correct, the maximum force avail-
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cities that can be named, it is either entirely abolished or very
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tised for three years without a diploma. A general law
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record the name of the Section, if any, that he will attend,
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Primary anemia is a disease of old age, and especially likely
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lain dish and thoroughly defibrinated by whipping with glass rods ; the
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garded as a symptom of a local or general disease. The local
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indigestion " betokens chronic disease ; and the " dateof ema-
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tonics were advised for the ana?mia when present, and