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supposed that the latter phenomenon was the cause of the former, and

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of the uterus or appendages at an early age. They have

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attack into one of great violence, by expressing great sympathy vrith

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Secretary. Candidates must be duly qualified. Applications and testi-

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ever to be based upon impracticability due solely to expense

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h^'pothesis that the hannatoidin was exuded from the

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0.25 gm. of gelatin freed from ionogenic impurities is between 5.25 and

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latter is a local irritant and ansesthetic to them.

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A guinea-pig was inoculated with some of the sediment

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If we publish an article in advance of others in this country

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Attempts to Revive the Electrically Executed. — The

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I have had a large opportunity of studying the effects of

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trated by apparatus and lantern slides. (See p. 545.)

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mixed together, germs will grow there just as well as in the

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revolution in thought and education. Recently Fred-

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fit in the morning. His general strength appeared much

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the patient was speaking into a metallic pot, is familiar to

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baffaa on Wadaaaday. Sap te whe r lt. 1816, and centime* for eiffat month*,

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sensitive. Since her first injury has suffered much with pain in

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that the uterus was fixed by cancerous infiltration laterally,

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struction. The surgeon arrives — the patient is for the

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of the telescope fail to magnify them into distinct points, while others


and raisins. Let any one, first arranging for a clean

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from a book than we can, provided the same amount of study is done

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affection, in case the physiological functions of that

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both lead to tubercular deposit if kept up sufficiently long, and I

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the years from 1892 to 1897, from 3 to 17 pints of bloody

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exist at the origin of the nerves of voluntary motion, in all

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Dr. Pisko presented a man of twenty-nine years, who