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occur. A symptom group, characteristic of arteriosclerosis of the cerebrospiiial

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the names of 11(3 wliolesale ilealers, that is, persons einpU)ye(l

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or heart failure, after the operation had apparently had a

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*Read before the Twentieth Semi-Annual Meeting of the Southern California Medical Society, held

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rejoice because that Life is the gift of love, for "God so loved the world

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cautions were taken to prevent accidental infection and the

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tions, accustomed to enter into the feelings of his children and so

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that she obtained the drug regularly " from an unqualified druggist " (B. M. J.,

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ciple, the subtle and mobile matter of others.' ***** It seems to me," he

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not only a moment's exposure has sufficed to produce infection personally,

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On the pathological side of the question, all the imbalance and aber-

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They are of more common occurrence than the benign forms, (a) Most

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Symptomatology and Diagnosi* of Diphtheria, by Dr. T. L. Poteet, Hodgenville, Ky.

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can zofran treat diarrhea

distinction between the lupus erythematodes of the Germans and the

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Dr. Cecil E. Reynolds, Dr. William A. Edwards, Dr. Andrew W. Morton,

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We can say, with the strictest truth, that it is the

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" 2. It is probable that a true 'traumatic neurosis' exists in the sense

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prevailed among the most advanced physiologists long after it had

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an aid so proficient as our secretary, Dr. Bonifield.

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In severe cases there are lumbar pains and symptoms denoting exhaustion.

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the death-rate would be reduced more than one-half. Pneumonia is the

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The monkeys survived the stage of mucinoid degenera-

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counter-statements sustaining their course. We have refrained

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ods i> is exceedingly severe. Then the spasmodic

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a class B worker receives the same quantity of radiation as a patient

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Department of the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh. Third Edition, thoroughly Revised

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If, in spite of precautions, nephritis and dropsy follow, the case is one of

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proved that the patient had not chosen to follow it — what the