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and even in our day the most sanguine practitioner must

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,tain, and confounded the moft common difeafe, viz. fcrofula,

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treatment for caries of the sternum, then under Dr. Sutro's

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believed to occur through an abraded mucous membrane,

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serving the name of endothelioma does not exist. Endo-

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minimal amounts of fat. Such acholic or colorless stools, as it would

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slightly jaundiced complexion. Ana)mia; spleen enlarged; lower exti

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less than the cornea or the cartilage of a joint. Nor did Cohnheim's investi-

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of a kindred nature, extended to the rest of the country. Iiisa

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of" this latter condition will be made very apparent hereafter.

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especially to be noted are the following : — Owing to wliat must

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operations are being and will be carried on with more certainty every

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fection of the surgeon's instruments, which must be completely

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exudate is absorbed, the points at which the two layers of the

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The swelling of the leg and fever had then subsided, but there was still great

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He cited the case of a recent graduate whose answers showed

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found in the blood of diverse animals, so that at the present time we may say

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The reaction and microscopic examination together will remove every

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on the accompanying blood state, the statement is made that in

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insoluble in the strong ammonia solution, while the phosphates of sodium and

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2. Blue vitriol 2 oz., white vitriol 1 oz., rubbed down and

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After removal the bullet proved to be an old Bulgarian bullet and was strongly

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the staphylococcus pyogenes aureus. From the history and

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the life of bacteria by being taken into the bodies of cer-