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quently enter as students of the school. There are two entrance

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Chang, Clarence Fong, a, w, sp, Honolulu, T.H. A.B. (U. of Hawaii) '36.

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Qualifying Bodies. It is the desire of the Executive Council that all

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"atypical internal gout." This distinction is, of course, an artificial one, for

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geography. Latin — (October, 1882 ; March, 1883) — ^Livy, book v. ; an

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b. For 20-dozen cases - multiply case net weight by 1.5.

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the foot through contraction of the tibialis anticus muscle, will occur on the

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expected from proper educational methods. As a rule, the idiot and many

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No sharp dividing line can be drawn between the forms of purpura thus

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gram, Fig. 197), corresponding to those muscles which we have found to

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fusing it with those cases in which progressive ophthalmoplegia occurs as one

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similarly becomes medical ; and shoidd death ensue either to mother

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aeyeral departments : Anaiovfvy — ^Lectures ; various practical exercises*

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q. Vent - the opening frm the cloaca to the outside of the body.

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ficult if only we consider the character and distribution of the pain, its occur-

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terni^tsofl 2«s) or <^ soils lAtre ffeftni;rtfis practlSTc^t iS ^nltlw

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in single spurts, but always rather rapidly. The paralyzed muscles are per-

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graduation must lodge with the Professor of Medicine the following

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winter session, £4 4s. ; summer session, £1 Is. ; second winter session,

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Clinical History. — The symptoms of cerebral hemorrhage agree closely

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•enabled to judge for what qualification he can afford to enter. Sup-

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impaired intellectual vigor. The reflexes are diminished, particularly the

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coma is the tonic rigidity sometimes seen in the extremities, particularly on

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Clerks : Two (or more) are attached to each Physician and Assistant

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It has long been known that peculiar nervous affections often occur in

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factor in causing the disease. It is thought that a fungoid toxin, " arsim"

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taste ,s'not oroSuced ^^P^Jf 9 ^^S^'f ^ ? ^' ty crea.n .i n insure that butter with a flat

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c. OPSC clauses govern cwtainers, packing, packaging,, and marking - even if they are

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in tibe Students' Begister, and shall give him a certificate of such registration.

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