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* m * Contains a very interesting article on "Protective Resemblances"
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that they had not reached the perfection of obstetrical technique.
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limited to justify him in formulating conclusions based upon
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Cardiac troubles are almost constant, and examination of the heart
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Experience has proved that the question is not, ^* How shall
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cent, in ten years, beer containing over 2^4 per cent,
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This is an age of machinery, .of exchanges, of corpora-
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the route and means for its evacuation. There are but
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have failed to deliver, the bare hand affords a sate and ready
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would be equally successful. He agreed as to the danger of injuring
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be made payable to Mr. James Lucab, 11, New Burlington-
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The first volume, which contains portraits of Dr. Bigelow,
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of tttberculiMis diMase, and even where the health of the pa-
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mater is much thickened, the result of great increase in its fibro-elastic
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tor. Rep. Dep. Pub. Safety, Pittsburg, 1888-9, i, 143-145.—
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in bed, one dessertspoonful in a tumbler of hot toddy, re-
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to the present day, this should be observed to occur from the
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tral incisor attached. The plate, which was crescent-
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Gamble, J. B,, Lineolnton, Univ. of Nashville, 1911 1911 1912
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Diagnosis. — The only maladies with which hepatic colic may be
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during life, yet that the largest part of the mark of the cord in this
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not use them to read by gaslight. Whole scalp feels sore, with a constant,
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Dr. Jessner's Dermatologische Vortnige fur PraltiJcer. Heft 1, " Des
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ments of the pelotte (spring a) are transmitted to the bent lever c c by means of a
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ruptod 8ilk sutnros, wlucli latter must be thrown off by Huppiira-
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pleura are generally those present in fibroid or cirrhotic lung.
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close interrelation between rate, amplitude and tone. Under average
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possibly enable them to inaugurate reparative or con-
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from that of Trelat or designed it himself. It is, however, worth Doting
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there is grave doubt whether a sufficient number of teachers can be
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high voltage, and some part at a low voltage : but if we use, by a method
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exacerbations, diminished coagulability, etc. The urine, usually increased
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paration for publication of the medical and surgical his-
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type of this class of patients, a full account of the matters
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mortem, to shed any new light on its pathology, only to confirm
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1704-1776.— riteZism; Borden, 1732-1796. Erasmus Darwin, 1731-1802.
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arrested by definite adhesions. In other cases the infec-
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the periosteum and bone of the alveolus being secondarily im-
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ing in nine out of eleven cases, and chiefly in the cortical substance, but
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i~ tlir Idlil.iinill.ltiil [Mllii. li^ I ■! llii- ^"\ \ iiii ii y.iili ,m I -> In won mis .iIu'il;
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for a period not exceeding two days. Thi' shiji is required lo be