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enucleation in that, instead of dividing the glandular capsule
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grew slowly, but during the past two years has more rapidly increased in size.
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cate. It is also true that there is no disease of which it is a necessary accom-
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of the patient. The succussion sounds were very distinct; so
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gen gas by inhalation. JTaving in my possession a copy of his official
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more frequency in the Vanderbilt Clinic. There is not a great dif-
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in the United Kingdom. Some twenty or thirty cases have been
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straight muscle of the neck, until it reaches the oriflce of the carotid ca-
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ly, produce a modification in the vital faculty or power of that
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are used with the combined system they are not designed to carry all
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dogs. Mr. Chas. Percivall informed Mr. Gamgee that he had
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He differs equally with the last named author and others on the
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femur is expanded outside the acetabulum and seems rarefied.
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go through the eye of the needle, i. e., how these enormous
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Female Medical Students in India. — ^There are at
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says. "But I beheve the relationship is at least bidi-
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anaemia which, together witli the consequent disturbance of nutrition, forms
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cases accompanied by prolonged and vivid eruption sometimes
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which caused paralysis of the nerves supplying the anterior group
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Investigation section should be so designated in the transmittal letter. Such papers
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illustrative cases, but the limited time does not allow me to
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The other tenth, or about three thousand of those arrested,
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the carbohydrates are ingested in moderate excess over a considerable
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has not shrunk from the sides. Any bubbles that may be present
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opposition to ovariotomy, and the grudging he displayed to major
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temperature lOO-l"". Wound dressed; no redness of edges,
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usually be obtained very readily. In epilepsy Pellagrini usually
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to an exploratory operation in that situation. The tumor
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days of the asylum was a very puzzling one, met a very satisfactory
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course, every other day ; but on the alternate days, when she was
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In scarlet fever des(iuamation seldom begins before the tenth day,
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necessary for the object now in view. At this time we are in-
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