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probably that part of the placenta which came -within the

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metastasis to the lung, and we obtained a surgical consult

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value in relieving itching and promoting recovery :

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was one of the very few guides I have gone with who

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Tiie Mechanism of Dislocation and Fracture of the Hip; with the

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finest etching, lent by Dr. Chambers; a fine picture by

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appearance so generally observed in consumptive pa-

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they came off from the left to the right as innominate, right

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already a greater load of iron than normal. She spent about

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sulphonal may be employed temporarily. Respiratory stimu-

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high temperatures is happily losing its hold upon the

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as the principal source of abscess in the iliac fossa. Habershon (op. ciL,

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the vertebral canal. The empyema was a primary, spontaneous, latent

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his fertile intelligence, giving time and drawing up plans and specifications

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minute branches to every living red muscular fiber of the body. When the

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covering it were easily detached, and from admixture of

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in which excessive pressures are suspected. No doubt those obstetricians

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the individual in the car and minimize contact with

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arsenic for the destruction of cancer. It is usually made by taking two parts of

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seductive — as well as on the brilliant phrase of Malcorps who, eighty

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Anesthetics in Labor. — Dr. J. K. Bartlett, of Milwaukee,

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emerging science of hydroxyurea therapy for pediatric sickle cell disease

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Both among seamen and civilians working in confined, close

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The following are the principal authors recommended : —

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just as they oppress China in actuality. Its Emperor

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unusual amount of space for depositing instruments and other

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those limbs had only occurred for a short time. In 6 cases

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ally should be omitted during an attack of eczema, save when the

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clusions are drawn but the author trusts that his finds

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continue on it to the end of the first .vear, as the

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