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Stephen Hepworth, died of pneumonia at St. Boniface Hospital,
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and valuable lectures of Professor Chittenden, which
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the hio-hest respect, and whom we could not afford to lose.
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the effect of whicli may often be distinguished as an intensi-
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— Dr. Beard, in an article on this subject, remarks that he some
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Gynecological Service. For four years he was surgeon to the
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in cases of gastric catarrh ; the stools are frequent ; the patient feels ex-
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stitute for "cholera-infecting material," whatever that may
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the most feasible thing that we could make out as the cause of
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and " stomach staggers," are symptomatic of but one and the
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which are brou<>ht to Eufjland from those countries, are also of-
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elbow, where the nerve wounded is usually subcutaneous, while there are large
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my friends was, that we should follow exactly the same
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dolent lives as well as the hypochondriac, round shoul-
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Gall-stones of sufficient size to occasion intestinal obstruction are some-
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or limb. They differ from contusions in that the skin is lacerated or
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100° Fahrenheit, was found to become, in a few hours, completely
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peared to be best adapted was described, and illustrative