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this report they occurred about every week. Three or four

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constructed a bed, of which a lengthy description is given, the most

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LARS [MEDical Literature Analysis and Retrieval Sys-

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canal provokes in a necessary or fatal way the action of various

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ple, I doubt whether many Health Officers have ever formulated to

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was only to be made, however, if the gall- infection is a prominent factor in the case,

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asthma ; removal of polypi gave great relief, still gets wheeze in wet

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due to bland or septic emboli, and the cavity may be

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intendent, has kindly afforded me every opportunity for

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with considerable fever, local congestion, swelling, pain and inflamma-

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extract, taken from the T»ni« newspaper, relative

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although I think that they all suffered from them in a

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great labour, taking 2 p.m. as the hour of maximum and

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first, as to the tendency of chloroform to superinduce hemorrhage in ordinary

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with the trocar; then passed a director through the opening made by the trocar,

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subastringtnt, no predominant acidity, good flavour, clean

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the cardiac orifice of the esophagus. He pushed it into the stomach.

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some remedy chemically resembling it, I think we may find

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larity until they were stopped, while the insane showed

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appearance, and contained about half a fluidounce of

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infers a peculiar correlation between the circulation within

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said that his master would have given him a certificate had he asked it.

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was calculated to strengthen the hands of other ovarioto-