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may be 8 times as prevalent among those who come in close and fre-

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First, with respect to the responsibility of the physician ad-

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blood was mingled with the contents of the intestine. The mucous

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do now, I should by this time have made much greater advance

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dition by the discovery of the heart involvement. In the greater num-

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ing supplementary statements to be used in connection with the regular

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drops of a saturated alcoholic solution of tropeolin 00, which has

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urine was repeatedly examined, no albumin was found in it.

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timal treatment also requires that primary care prac-

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the preliminary notes of the United States Yellow-Fever

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for the control and protection of the (Jublic health of the

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spent in that town and he attended the public schools there as

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nal organs and. other dissected parts of animals, preserved in spirits. Pre-

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corded a very fHVoralili> rci-cplioii, fillicr in (irrinaiiy or clscwliero.

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ness of proxy-votmg. Several weeks ago — I believe prior to these vacancies

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the health is generally good. The sound varies. The writer

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The number of corpuscles seemed stUl on the increase, although

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the stomach it rapidly traverses the jejunum and accumu-

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peritonitis, with symptoms of perforation, were more unequivocally pro-

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and more than chemism has dreamed of, etc., and also that

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calculus. The feasibility of surgical interference might be worth con-

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rather than from the ventricles into the foramina. By injection

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mucous membrane during a gleet, or the mucous filaments in the

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to the contrary, is entitled to full credence, and establishes the

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He considers retroflexion the most important that we have to

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that these old-fashioned bone setters did not make sur-

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16th, but they announce to the trade that their laboratories are running day and

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affected. In 2 cases of tumour of the middle lobe there was weakness of

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the arterioles, particularly in the aged, he does not expect, of

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19. Vecht Ch J, Hovestadt A, Verbiest HBC, et al. Dose-

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Congenital absence of the pectoialis major simulating flattening

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Practice of Surgery, Dr. A. Gordon. Materia Medica, Dr.