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granules, crystals, &c., were found either in the stomach or duode-

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believes, therefore, that in the patients of Strauss the body

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ing takes place irregularly in the walls of the air-cells, so that before

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In No. 6, repeated manipulation failed; traction with

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credulity, in what is novel, marvellous, or mysterious in treating

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mer, a very distinguished writer, and one of his own cousins German,

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sponsibility and labours of the Council, to the e.xclusion of

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clean Flaxseed to 1 ounce of water, stir frequently until a muci-

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disease has been spontaneous, or has resulted from aspiration

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induces one to attempt to make a too refined anatomical diagnosis,

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experiments consisted in the addition of ground roasted

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Mr. Charles Beooke remarked that there were two distinct

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ment at which the bulb entered the bladder, we could with

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woman brought action against the owner of a house in consequence

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of water in the mouth, and alleviation of the sufferings on the recurrence .

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tumours are very rare, and are found almost exclusively on spinal nerves.

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great violence across a rail, the full force of the fall being borne

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be enlarged, the other is likewise enlarged, and so with respect to con-

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sufficient reasons for the priests and monks to look on him with

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mouth, it has been called, on the rice plantations, the cotton mouthed moccasin. I once saws

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votes, of making instantaneously voting governors, at a guinea

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came shorter, whereas the periods of suffering grew

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fluent in any part of his body. Now the period of incubation

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the placenta have been most thorough, says that if we have to do

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of an artificial limb. The dressing which has been applied will

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the gastro-intestinal canal. — Gazette Mid. de Paris;

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branches) should be elastic and the arterioles should have intact

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thesia, in one of these a dangerous amount of morphine

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terred in the cemetery at Fifth and Arch streets, where his

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other local remedies mentioned. Under the use of the injection, howe-