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Thus regarded, the occurrence of this bruit supplies a

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though a load had been lifted from his head. He stated that not

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/-V----C cold body. Outside of this is the third cone, less

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the latter. For external use the chloroform liniment of the Pharmacopoeia

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the malarious form of yellow fever is at all times difficult; and

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often sharply localized, and the pain is generally lim-

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others that the causal treatment affords the best results.

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the eyelid, enough of the solution should be instilled to thor-

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■well for some days ; but on the morning of October

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and should the solicitor be of opinion that the offence committed

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favors legislation such as shall give control of medical licensure

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of the streptococcus serum is very large, and there are a large

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time of greatest prevalence of the disease. It also

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Carrying this investigation still further, we find in Table XIII the con-

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a centre or centres, paying little or no regard to the configuration of the

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of meeting, which was crowded with adults and children, and

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cially the variable degree of resistance which the organism of different

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of hypertrophy of the thyroid to which Dr. Langmead referred — i.e., hyper-

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uterus is entirely unnecessary in the majority of cases, and is a very

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lay. The subjects of Vesico-vaginal Fistula, Cancer of the Uterus,

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blishment? " Again protesting against the use of the word allopathic

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tococcus pyocjtncs may produce different forms of puerperal infection,

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hand, be content to await passively developments by the

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allel lines. The State officials may admit a ship to pratique,

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The patient should be seen with a full bladder, which, except in acute

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rence of carbolic-acid poisoning ? I believe the best at present known is sali-

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der the T-tube was put in, the bladder well irrigated with a

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the wide-spread and very proper belief that one of the

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iWater supply of the city of Feodosia.J Trudi Kussli

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accommodates for distance (Argyll-Robertson pupil).

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These are the grounds on which I base my plea for some

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bicarbonate one teaspoonful. Dinner: Soup of meat or vegetables, meat, green