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the dome of the Invalides, in the chest of the conqueror of

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healthy and to be spread out over the masses described, but

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for the practice of surgery. He was also the author of

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certain circumstances assumes great practical importance in

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2. The type of the lesion depends upon, (a) the virulence of

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nary artery between his thumb and finger at either angle

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acid, and water ; and as thus prepared it is colorless

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times seen in typhoid fever. The bowels were exceed-

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whom two eyes were lost, and 28 in males over sixteen

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cause they have seen none of its ravages, and have no

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chronic type. The first group is characterized by asth-

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the Public Health Association, Kansas City, Mo., Octo-

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cians who had obstructed wise legislation and had used incon-

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upon the thorax, and there is much dyspnoea, with the sounds

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so clear and powerful a light upon this obscure and difficult subject.

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and in the other not; in both there was choroiditis

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stration of how a slight mechanical alteration of the relation of the

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out oxygen, and becomes therefore, of so much more value as a fight-

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Paragraph 191, Army Kegulations, 1913, states: "That in the

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between the disease in the case which he had last presented

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for labelling it as a new syndrome. The signs of the blood condition were very

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we are happy to say that no cases of cholera have been yet

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small girls) is an impossible or a forbidden thing.

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the scratching and rubbing practised in order to assuage the intense

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the latter stages as a cordial and stimulant of known value.

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himself, and the other unprotected children carefully ex-

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3. Error Due to Deterioration of the Oxyhemoglobin. — As we have

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calcium salts are necessary in some way for the devel-

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4. The Pathology of Pertussis. J. M. Postle, Hinckley, 111.

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find even a trace of paraxanthin, and found only a small

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While scarlatina is contagious during the eruptive period, it is especially

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TREATMENT. In the treatment of suppurative pleuritis, little or no

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cent, solution of sulphate of copper in croup (as an

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feel that something must be done, at once, to relieve