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those living nearest the focus of miasmal emanations ; hence

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of the therapeutist. The theory of organic media is, or ought to

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fibres. 2. This action is establislied in frogs by the phenomena

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\'II. Avoid extreme haste to do radical operations in

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point out an old man or woman to whom supernatural in-

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fessional attendance upon him, and the incident created

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The diagnostic value of ])ei'i()dicity by itself is slight,

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made. A liquid preparation is to be preferred to an imctuous

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cal men may be painfully assailed in their intercourse

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a membrane upon the parts that can be seen and this

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gravities of the oil and of the jeUy. How trustworthy is this

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CPC Wednesday Noon Conference - 12:00 noon, 4th Floor Conference Rooms, Speaker: William J. Wengs, MD, Topic:

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one of the ventricles of the larynx. The trachea and the

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pare, with the action of such continuous cun-ents as we can

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but the moment it is drawn away, a current takes place in

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the severest forms of the dysentery, there was little or no

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the finger far enough forward to obstruct respiration,

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or partial, sudden or gradual. In sub-dural hemorrhage

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11. Ohman EM, Califf RM, Topol EJ, et al, and the TAMI Study

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erect suitable buildings for permanent use. This will be

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York, &c. &c. New York : Appletons. Pp. 91,

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from the forge of some huge Vulcan above. The winds

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Hence to send a blood-stream to the poisoned tissues to

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but there are obvifius objections to its use; principally

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the changes induced by this state being thus set down, as

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was expressed regarding problems with emergency care

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pathology of liip-joint disease, none wlio have had experieuce of

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has been seen in a very considerable number of cases; Mr.

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currents which would have appeared externally are short-

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that the program was moving too quickly without adequate

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Seventy-one reporters state that they see very few cases

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An universal remedy will ever find many advocates, and

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edy, and the impression is more decided and permanent.

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work product. Dr. Pekas moved that the SDSMA participate