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in the morning, and frequent distress in the stomach.

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covered with moisture, and the circulation became tranquil. Such indeed was the efieefc

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''Secondary fever is probably a distinct form of secondary infec-

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workers whose wages, if pooled, would make a larger income than is common

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lieved with an insuffilation of iodoform in solution with sulphuric

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31, 3). In similar hypertrophy of the left ventricle, the dulness extends

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the understanding, could have no existence. The modulation of

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number, eighty-nine are closed and ready for transcription. Nine

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is inclined to forget or minimize any matters that might affect his eligibility

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certainly no ambition,) truth compels me to say, the most of

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sphere; hence the viscous perspiration remains on the skin, the

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I have thus far examined twenty three cases with ihe

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In young and debilitated children gangrenous stomatitis and in girls

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Coles' observations have extended, is not hereditary, and the

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causes deviation of the eyes to the opposite side from (he

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extremely valuable determinations upon the cumulative effect and

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In regard to opium, this precaution is the more likely to be adopted, since

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by the Academy. It is understood that the new building is to

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aikohol did not extract the whole virtues of the plant, and

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essays for which the reports of Dr. Eay have become remarkable. The subject

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sistance to penicillin is a rapidly growing problem.

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zones of small round cells of inflammatory origin. In

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first. Anthelmintics, and the flov. zinci were resorted to, as in

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I am being courted— openly and brazenly. I have been

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closing the bottle, and well shaking at each addition

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