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It so happens, only this very day I was reading an account, by Dr. Ladislas

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Tremor and cramps are not common in lead poisoning; the former

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The stomach-pump formerly in common use for washing the stomach is entirely

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he has established the tact that every molecule of fresh

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and plan of selling our traps, that we almost dread to show our legs upon

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minimum slightly on the acid side of the neutral point. This is in favour

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1678. The discharges from the bowels should be kept up

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" That small-pox, unchecked by vaccination, is one of the most terrible and destruct-

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lesions of the disease described in tlie paper being too multi-

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of infancy produces more havoc than any other disease —

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sure, that Manchester was never freer from fever than it

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Hegar's instruction in gynjecology at Freiburg is spoken of very highly

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tion ; and all offenders punished, or else they should be

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to ascertain the rock from which they emerge ; but limestone is found

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possible. In making these experiments, test-tubes of equal size

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tory, comprising 750,000 square mOes, cannot be expected to

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To sum up then, we find that phagocytosis acts (a) on substances

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cannot furnish even a summary of the facts so industriously and

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It is not an easy matter to change all this. The human mind

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be struck with the overwhelming fatality of this aff'ection, and will readily

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Comment, iii. 18. — Beverly. Hist. Virg. p. 121. — Medical and Physical

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spondence is due to the same hand. M. le Terrier observed

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position of a pill mass, to be careful that they are

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armed with eight nine pounders and a full and disciplined force of one

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affec(ed (he cons(i(u(ion, as (o produce a fatal (ermination.

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cocytes found in the urine of patients suffering from kidney