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18 family practice residents participating with the medical
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probably the fiery serpent mentioned by Moses, who apparently
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the Secretary of State ; Drs. Cape, Francis Hawkins, Morell-
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which he had founded take its destined place in the West of
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land Medical Gazette, of June, i886. They have appeared in the Gazette
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in the person of the subjects controlled by them, and the effect
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the cells of considerable tracts, and the consequent disappearance from such
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mean with certain aids from tlic female army, now undertake to
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Rivista Critica di Cliiiica Aledira, July 7, 14, and 21,
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throat, and a dry cough. Under treatment by ignipuncture, complete recovery
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type of fevers under discussion, lie gave special attention to subcon-
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pylorus with dilatation of the stomach, including cases
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and only weighs six ounces. He tells me these are found in
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seemed to me a rational supposition that lesions compromising the secre-
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Advertisements may be sent direct to Messrs. Pratt & Co., Ducie Cham-
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buy lisinopril hctz 20 12.5 mg
been a soldier in the army at the time of the rebellion, and from
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increased in number. Few show central vacuolization. Numerous mitotic
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the number of High Schools in the State are accredited for this
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ined the sputum for the micrococcus, but with only lim-
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drian, who lived about the time of Galen, and who appears
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ed a case of ascites in which the liver was not dis-
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that Surgeon-Colonel Welch put before skeptic sentimental-
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6.30 P.M. P. 94; T. 101.8°. Cool at 11 A.M. One action. Bismuth
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these flukes are human or avian, as suggested by Dr. Brandes, re-
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reported upon so favorably that at the request of several
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where two kinds of epithelium met, at constricted points in
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manner of doing so ; and this we willingly concede to him.
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bleeding to death and hsematuria (glanders of the kidneys) has
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be an hospital connected with tlie institution for practical instruc-
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