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was now no longer to be considered as an irritating matter,

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demonstrated 148 red to one white blood cell. At the time she came

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infected, comparatively frequently, by feeding on glandered

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One is placed in the rectum at the evening visit. The

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erably, at first, of the slower and coarser interruptions. When the

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a postage stamp is a loss which offsets the occasional sale of some-

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able cases. In the acute form local treatment should con-

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Prognosis is always very doubtful. The mortality varies

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ducing 2 fingers ; and in 2 hours a living baby was born. It

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it during an abdominal operation. Other manipulations

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passed in the absence of fecal matter, with severe tenesmus. They

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had discovered the micro-organism of glanders. Bouchard,

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in the negative. The operation was not urged. The patient decided

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opinion that the elements of urea are present, but it cannot be regarded as

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Training School for Girls at Hudson; New York State

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ary times, or perhaps to Simian ages. You certainly would

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those children with a primary infiltrate on the chest x-ray a

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following iipon typhoid, of cholelithiasis as a sequel to typhoid, and

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them and on our white and colored troops. For the whole

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of rases of Diseases of the Eye, which have applied for treatment during

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^ Modem surgical therapeutics has become dependent upon living

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haemorrhage may occur, and the jaroduction of interstitial inflammation

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ever form exhibited. " This may be the case in some in-

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malaria we find melanic pigment in the blood and in the tissues, but I should

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should be excised, the axillary glands, the perimammary and

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has been recorded by Madame Goukovsky. The autopsy revealed a

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the blood is more powerfully determined to the surface, congestion of

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ployed was only three ounces, though this varied from throe

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ration. Behind the clavicle the tumor was less distinct

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of the fresh cheeses from day to day with pure cultures is probably

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3. Functional ijaralysis, namely — (1) Paralysis of limbs ; (2)

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438 Mr jVIaule'5 Case of Pleuritic Iiiflammation. Oct.

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diagnosis is assured, and it is by psychometric methods, and by them