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The February meeting of this Society was held in the Natural History

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be submitted to some legal gentleman for the purpose of deciding upon it. We may talk for

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for the variety of the trouble, must be taken into consideration,

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the patient is satisfied that he is receiving medicine; and nature

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Dr. Bray moved, seconded by Dr. McLaughlin, that the Council do now resolve itself

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should be properly distributed as clinical material among the legitimate

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late freely all the time and the temperature of the room kept at

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such as piano playing is going on. Here interest is the moving

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operation, however thorough, can check the progress of the dis-

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In 1895 the Council had an outstanding indebtedness of seven thousand dollars ; in 1896

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Dr. Emory — I do not think that power should be in the presiding officer. I think the

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the subject had at least reached the fifth decade is the most one

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natural stimulus to peristalsis, the involuntary, rhythmical move-

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ing with rest. Nine hours of sleep is essential. Excitement of mind,