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From some experiments made in Russia, it appears that a mixture of any

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complete and prolonged, but ultimately the patient dies of progressive exhaus-

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for those who have better scholarship? The great bulk of our teachers

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has cough, and considerable dyspncea. Percussion over the lungs is resonaut, but

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must be registered in his own province in order to be able to register in another.

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All the cases and deaths had occurred among the steerage passen-

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'tered to practise medicine in any county in the State of New

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the left limbs in a position of rest. The case was not therefore a case of cata-

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ror of every thing prescribed by a physician, who will nevertheless, very

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hint from the German and I'rench so-called I'aracelsian

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polyneuritis in pigeons, so that a possible explanation of the effect of

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Numerous successful injections of pneumonic, tubercular, and cancerous

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COMMUNICATIONS have been received from : — Dr. Arthur

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highest results. The teacher may substitute his will for that of

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for the most part due to a combination of syncope and coma;

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in Aortic Insufficiency. — M. Franck offers as signs of

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latter — to indicate some of the more salient lineaments, so to speak, in

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which took place at the meeting of the Edinburgh Medico-Chirurgical Society,

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48. On the Use of Chlorine Water in the Treatment of Diphtheria. Dr. W. G.

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in size, sinuous in outline, with irregular thickened congested margins^

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cating less ventricular compliance (stiffness), and an

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in some cases be a long time undecided. As to treatment : since the height of

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Election of Botany in the first year carries with it election of Botany

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''Nervous affections, including hysteria, are benefited by the

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gas chromatography, thin-layer chromatography, drug

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Average precipitation for 7 wet seasons, 25.97 inches.

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ture of the liver from injury, in two cases suppuration of the ovaries, in

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plague in the island of Malta, in the year 1813, drawn up

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form. As a secondary result of rupture of this kind, there may

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met by suprapubic surgery and not the vaginal route. If an abscess