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Arpad G. Gerster. A contribution to the surgery ofthe rectum.
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cattle, and provide as good sanatoriums as possible for those already tuber-
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sicians, with about 62 members of the state society.
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food, which otherwise the plant could not have used. Third, it
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neighboring state. Has been running , ,■, , , -,, ■, .»,.
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their structure were similar, which is not the case.
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until six weeks after the disappearance of the acute pain. When the ex-
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1— flu, a— inflammation of the lungs, 1— dlarrhcea, 1— cancer in the stomach, 1— dropsy on the brain, 1
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rei)n]sive malady, and also against its fatal violence, which may be made
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of the series represented in this chart the computation would indicate an
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jects, by its pulsation ; but as, in robust and muscular patients it is more
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surfaces. This was accurately done in Cases XCIX. and CI. An
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Inguinal artery : wound of large superficial inguinal artery in
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may occur, but are unfrequently met with. Orchitis is more often
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ledged, and whatever errors may be found in this sys-
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Preluding that after sewing up the peritoneum he is
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the construction of which they did not hesitate to mutilate and deface
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This is but a synopsis of the case. The points which I would
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posed for discussion : i. Identity of tuberculosis in man
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said to me, I shall die as have died my children, my wife, my father,
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J. Myomectomy, or the removal of the tumor, leaving
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apparent if, instead of totals reconstructed and as published, the author had
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tongue moist, and with a white fur ; great thirst ; pulse 95, full and regular ; urine
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James Y. SrMr.goN, Bart. Edited by Sir W. G. Simpson,
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considering that the tolerance is ?^^7. Experience, however, shows that
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mercury dermatitis. (See p. 808.) Nageli found eosinophilia fre-
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of diseases which obstruct the flow of blood in the lesser circula-
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or thought to be heard, on the suspected side, the sound of the
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Compression of the portal vein may cause ascites and other evidences
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commenced, as such cases too often do, with the symp-