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menstrual discharge to get out than it is for the sper-
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finished preparation should not assume a pink tinge
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to the action of alcohol, ether, strong alkalies, etc., the treatment of
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slightly flattened ; but the whole chest in front and behind,
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oxysms of angina were occasionally experienced. This
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thirty- five inches, and to continue it into two light cords
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bladder was markedly greater than at any other point amomit-
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dition of the skin in which it is covered with crusts of dry sebaceous
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ten to twenty years, 75 ; from twenty to thirty years,
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record such applications in the order of their receipt, and thereafter
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character of the discharges from the bowels, which, in this, are of a purely
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the cavity. As it is not in our power to act upon the internal or pul-
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interstitial neuritis. There is reason to believe that this is not always present.
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whohavemade no return of their respective places of residence,
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second leading cause of death for children in Wisconsin
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it has not yet been proved to be an established fact. In the
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tached to the ring two pieces of rope, which are used
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stitial tissue is affected to some extent, and in the granular kidney
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depraved appetite; pains in the abdomen, with itching and redness
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numerous folds, making fine papillae on its surface. The
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Presidents, Drs. Thomas Lyon, of Lycoming ; William Varian, of Crawford ;
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of secondary infection of the actually inflamed middle ear." By the closure of the
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4:05 p.m. — ‘‘Pyelovenous Backflow in Excretory
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still in considerable pain. He lay on the left side
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It prevented prolapse of the iris at the time of the opera*
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p. M. at 6r degrees. On the 30th, at 7 a. m. at 51 ;
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Discussion. Dr. H. C. Clapp said that he regarded this report
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century, and the " Eades3^ge " of Sweden and Xorway.
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not be seen, but some days later a very minute fragment of straw was removed
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figures are borne in mind and also the fact remembered
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Right hand squeezes 44° and 45° ; the left, 50° and 45°. Ordered only three
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indorsement. This indorsed diploma shall authorize him to practice
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it was resolved to make an endeavor to check the further
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Dr. Hammond's Sanitarium, in \VaHiiin;:loti, w .tidd to ((intain a
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'brethren and the public the hearty and continued cooperation
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