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from the system in a mass, nor preserve its proportions by the me-

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y the stomach, the following mixture is recommended for hypodermic

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and there was neither any stridor nor any definite physical sign of

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had been a simple physician, one of the great body of med-

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the returns the death rate is 10.82 per 1,000. Among

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exertions : when the use is continued too long, the brain and

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brain, or to strengtiien its resisting-power. He con-

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mary stimulation of the reflexes by strychnine prevent the reflex paralysis

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creased the local discomforts, and yet caused improve-

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qu6e de tistules ouvertes, aii jdi de I'aine a droite et

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judging textile fabrics and leather. By touch alone he can tell

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discharges ; checked menstruation or lochia! discharge.

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present in the blood, often being contained in large numbers in the

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dered it desirable that some less objectionable substitute should be

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If the operator can succeed in securing a pipe in this vein —

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twenty-five grains employed immediately on the appearance

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In cattle, bovine actinomycosis had long been known chiefly as a form

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already seen, he throws a doubt on the entire series of Dr. Collins'

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each donor o£ £5 is entitled to recommend one patient

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less oedema of the ankles, the eyelids are puffy, and the sclerotic

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as our own. Some of these specimens are injected to

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were at that time fourteen smaU-pox patients under treatment

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the submaxillary glands enlarged. Inasmuch, however, as the slightest

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been proven that carbolic acid by mere contact with

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was found to have hypermetropia manifesta, 1-18. The injured eye to have 1-9,

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for supporting Dr. Quain's amendment, and those which pre-

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i: ' .i.,n. Sometimes the mi-ile i- loa.-ea in that pieee ot bone uhieh

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(Cnicus benedictus), cramp bark (Viburnum opulus), black haw

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This journal is devoted solely to the advancement of med-

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edge we find that the practical benefits are often limited

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Mr. Skey, with characteristic energy, has lost no time in

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No medicine is. ret.nined except tablets of morphine

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mesenteric aud retroperitoneal nodes. Here it seems reasonable to suppose that the

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ground, which had been rendered parched and dusty by the

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toward the end of the first year, shortly after weaning (diarrhoea ab-

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sels. A writer in the New York Daily Times, of Dec. 1, gives the

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is continued or repeated in action, a limitation belongs to the succession

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