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feature of the carrier situation is that their number may be diminished

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With regard to the important subject of hearing, Lich-

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the first official bulletin was published, to September 25,

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ging. If this does not avail, we may employ styptics, such as

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outbreak does not entail a great expense. An added advantage is

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Venesection in Lead-poisoning. — Dr. Wilhelmi, of

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provide a living memorial to a loved one or friend through a gift to

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did not follow a corresponding increase in the knowledge

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fractui'e be that of either of the condyles, epicon

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from the emergency department with detailed follow-up in-

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The loss or embarrassments of speech (Aphasia) which occur during

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where wounded, or on the proximal side of the wound, so I

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tal bodily changes, such as those of puberty, childbirth, and

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room, and an operating room were improvised. In April, 1!)1G,

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whether it be natural or artificial, transient or incurable, because

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all the characteristics that accompany such inoculations. The remain-

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be said of the xmusual susceptibility in some families to

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right, so many distinguished and leading the van, but none were more

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and an intense general intoxication are usually present. The

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This cleared up after a month, but he had always been slightly

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in which I would consent to make this sort of examination ; where

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was retention of salt, water and nitrogen. The creatinine, non-

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of ergot every four hours) are the most eflScient means. In all cases

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everything — such as chill — tending to repress the

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septicaemia, with local infection in a region that might cause

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as in this case, although there was no special reason why

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or, like Herophilus (of horrid memory), dissect men alive, so

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from it, that we would advise its adoption in all cases of affec-

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feld filter and the filtrate injected by Dr. G. W. McCoy into a brain ventricle