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have all been subcutaneous and the formation of a single
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suite d'une fievre typhoide. Bull. Soc. anat. de Par., 1887,
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for the belief in the occasional occurrence of this method of in-
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patible with a pro|)er amount of nutrition ; second^ the arrest of hemor-
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the chromatin of ever)- cell, animal and vegetable, is an
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the cavity of the bowel above. Cancer in that region
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refraction cases. Tr. M. Soc. N. Y., Pliila., 1892, 284-293.—
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imaocustomed observers. In women it is just as important to make a
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uteri is forced backward, on the one hand, and the cervix fa
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child the whole of the right thigh was covered by a mole
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They are then immersed for several seconds in a dilute solution of
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Dr. J. M. W. Kitchen said that he could corroborate what
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lemon juice and water, and the caustic acids, such as sulphuric and
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absorption of the exuded matter is going on, and convalescence takes place
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membrane of the lungs, or in the state of powder, applied to the skin,
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one of his servants, the latter before leaving mixed a quantity
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adverse reactions If concomitant use cannot be avoided, plasma levels of theophylline should be monitored and
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science, the sum total of medical knowledge, has also immensely increas-
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himself to be. As the doctrines here taught are those which,
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being cases of that disease. The number, however, is
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tonsils. Cauterizations with a concentrated solution of the sulphate
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we nearly always have to use hemostatic measures on four or five small
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during autolytic degeneration of parenchymatous cells independently of
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(Derived from Table 4, “Medical School Alumni-1967”, an AMA Publication)
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There is among my out-patients at the London Hospital a
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the nose, or rather a collection of small boils arose. It is ques-
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albumin, and these features, together with the fact
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months, and the mortality is said to be from 20 to 25 per
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portance of early treatment in the summer diarrhoeas
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brother, who is employed as a mason and is endowed with herculean
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overutilization and by using appropriate restraints to
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other thought, must yield. And I hold that, if in any parti-
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tune to enjoy the tuition of Dr. George Fordyce ; and
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Stated Meeting, April 6, 1894, Dr. T. L. McDermott, President, in the chair.
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the independence to speak thus boldly from his official chair, and hope
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have despised a practitioner who looked only to his
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J. Trop. M., Loud., 1898-9. i, 335- 337. — Ferguson
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This state is known among drunkards as " the horrors." The mental de-