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taken place. There is a vacant distrait air even before

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Gibson, Joseph R., Surgeon. Relieved from duty at Fort

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plement-fixation test to the clinical activity of the disease. The results show

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an injury, which he believes to have been rupture of the crucial ligament of the

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16th, but they announce to the trade that their laboratories are running day and

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the resources of the surgeon, skilful as may be his operations,

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years and even during residency training programs. It

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below the tracheal opening, or a large quantity of mucus

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mal temperature. After tlie first bath the patient suf-

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of the Speech Centres, The. Illustrative Case. By Frank C.

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444. Siiirnsi) did snblimato corrosivi) uella terapia

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It will, perhaps, be remembered that I have produced goitre

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from the vagina, but as she had no pains and did not

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and most important, securing for the stomach as much rest as is com-

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syphilitic forms are not specific ; that is to say, that they are not

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cating less ventricular compliance (stiffness), and an

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— either usually excluding the other. The convulsions

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feeble-minded and illiterates. Therefore, these cards are not in

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able. He considered that the university curriculum should consist

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water f. 3iv, f. ex. blood root 3i ; mix. Dissolve the nitrate of

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appeared in the course of twenty-four hours. Labor came on the

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tion to be pursued in the field proposed, I submit to

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after five mouths, not only an ulcerating cutaneous cancer at the place of

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ether^and sweet spirits of nitre or a little ipecacuanha, a small

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leaders, and if Dr. Maudsley had followed you with his

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Brain Tumors, The Radiography of Intracranial Processes in Internal Medicine with

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An infected, suppurating focus of cerebral attrition should empty

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The bleeding from the gun-shot wound was probably from the in-

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trivial promptly and sufficiently to relieve the pain. It should be given in

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the chromatin of ever)- cell, animal and vegetable, is an


tions, as pointed out hj Theobald Smith."' Growth takes place in

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material equal in amount to 70 per cent, of that taken in the food. In

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morbid conditions which stand in a causative relation to it, or with which