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it permits of the elimination of any error arising from mere physical

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a table, shewing the various names which have been successively be-

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The inquiries in reference to the use of flannel were made under

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They are apparently of no importance. Quite common, also, are

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stances, with fatty degeneration suggests as extremely probable that the

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Roxy's Oang and Kate Smith who paid one hundred .and fifty dollars for a baby's

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exposed to unjust criticisms though they were very saints — and

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In order to aflift him, it will be to no purpofe to

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sionally seen, and in a few instances, lesions of synovial cavities were

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it is at this time everywhere known as yellow fever, a name, the signiticance

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liability of the individual to be affected by atmospheric changes,

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mucilaginous liquid, or glycerine, may be taken frequently in small quan-

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other than the physical findings and the subsequent

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the Prince of Orange, son of William the Silent, availed

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the thermogenic centers. As Aronsohn has contended, there is

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work, such as I have sketched above, takes cornea, atropine, 2 grains to the oz., one

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the food is taken, or delayed for hours. The higher up the stenosis,

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facilities for the manufacturing of instruments, and it was only then that a

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ser who had covered a wound with cerate, said, 4 what benefit from that

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and hears a somewhat analogous relation to dometritis, perimetritis, salpingitis and

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specimen, so as to exclude fibrin as the possible cause of such tur-

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increased. There was some tympanitis, so a saline was

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upon therapeutics, and the reciprocal support which

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cats — animals more closely in relationship with man — are

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the patient." ' This statement was so startling to me and

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adding cold water in a conical vessel. The sediment is then ex-

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moid sinus by a continuation backward of the breach in

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verting any other salt of lead, which might find entrance, into an

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same houses. It is not long since Lorain published a vol-

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Dubujadoux, De la peptonurie dans la fievre intermittente palustre. Arch, de m^d.

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about the root of the tongue, or in the grooves by the side of the epiglottis.