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sided in Los Angeles, Cal., die<l at the residence of his son. Dr.

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preferably by snt)cutaneous injections »^f metallic mercury in the

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ones concerned; but inasmuch as the means of investigation of direct

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hospital in a serious condition, and was operated on twenty-six

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got apparently well, shaving should be continued for a year and more,

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come forward he put the trochanter on Konig's block

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danger of another Cesarean section ; and this would

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forceps, and then, slightly below it, the cervix is

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of warm water should be occasionally poured into sinks

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the pres-ure of these diseased surfaces upon each other,

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in which patients who have been suffering for years from malarial

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meaning and say, " Better is he that ruleth his spirit and his

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But I think I may assure you, that to regard all mimic-

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and this area is under more or less military control. Officers of the

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lateral. This generally results from the pressure of

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treatment (if epistiixis, aud iTccta, N. York M. J.,

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required place, and press the needle through into the subcu-

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grove, residing in the cellar of a house in Pilbert-streetj near Schuylkill

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eye strain, or malarial poison circulating through the system produce

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Assistant Professor of Pathology. He will be Director of Blood Bank,

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only was there a history of alcoholism without insanity in the parents.

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eight faceted stones and a quantity of muco-purulent fluid.

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who know the shoe fits.” HALO shows little fear of treading on toes.

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and strength and have been able to carry on their occupa-

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1. Rontgen-ray Examinations in Incipient Pulmonary Tuber-

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Thus the virus of small-pox (which virus is formed out of the

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mia, convulsions and delirium being very common. The cases

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opening chapter, in which the author takes the opportunity of cor-

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Kletzinsky, and Gloez, do not confirm the statements made as to the