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its diffusion is practicable by the prompt and effective disinfection of every
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Pediatrician, Municipal Contagious Hospital, Chicago; Member of the -Advisory Com-
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change in the condition of the bladder or in the con-
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horizontal. The obvious precaution to be taken in such a case is to
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time the sponge treatment with that of a roll of aseptic lamb's wool
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experiments upon B. coli. While it is distinctly desir-
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cent, alcohol was used and only 15 cc. injected (1.5 cc. absolute alcohol).
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tics. Apples, prunes, oranges, figs and of modern physiological chemistry the use
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cian to conduct a postmortem examination with impunity. Sometimes the next of kin was not imme-
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at night. The apex-beat of the heart is in the sixth intercostal space two
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relations of life the counsel and assistance of clergymen,
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cause the death of the patient. Dr. Holl, struck with the importance of the
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frequent and refers to 3 cases of aortic insufficiency observed in 22
probably that part of the placenta which came -within the
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be evanescent, with severe headache; but the history is not that of
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On 29th December laparotomy was performed, the abdomen
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The Lectures in this institution will commence on the first Monday
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Francisco and upon the President of the City Board of Health,
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three flights of stairs leading to their rooms, and seemed so
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--'we mean the practice of the Hospital — we shall begin with
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material be used in them once or twice a day, and, whatever the
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and wadding are always contaminated, minations for toxins and animal and vege-
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at the periphery, was red and represented the endocardinnL Very
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standard time period T was used and what the observed time
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would, by necessity, call at Qana (on the coast of Arabia: an
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years' repeated observations, convinced myself of the truth of this
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were brought to him ; and then it was announced that a
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nma, W. H. Kammon, Director California Weather Service, San Francisco, Cal
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