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that age possesses to-day, he embarked for this country.

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somewhat enthusiastic summary of ''Our Recent Debts to Vivi-

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lished the Buffalo Eye and Ear Infirmary, of which he has since


usual topsy-turvy good sense, remarks. We propose to devote

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opened his mouth, and observed that it was a nice case, which reminded him of a

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tically the Comprehensive School. This action was not

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eries, even from advanced phthisis, as shown, not merely by phys-

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and with dauntless blade and masler hand snatched victory

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years of age when he, by graduation in 1880, became possessed of the

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His scientific investigations are, in part, referred to in "A Pre-

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vation of a cheerful, calm disposition, as free as possible from

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to 1.5 drachms (gm.. 4 to 6) of salicylate of sodium, or aspirin (vide infra),

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nevertheless be borne in mind that articular swelling may also take place in

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yes, even noblemen, whom the vicissitudes of life had

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dians to vaccination, so that the law of compulsory vaccination

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in the newly opened field of bacteriology, Dr. Wende returned to this

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1831 he spent in Europe, mostly at Paris, pursuing medical research.

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Stairs, of Philadelphia, and has two sons and a daughter.

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and its fibres, some horizontal above, others oblique below,

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before giving the notes of my two cases, both of which, I may

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yield. The bladder becomes irritable, and in turn a source of

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perimental Study of Intestinal Obstruction" (Archives of Inter-

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sincere. Inspiring music, and the usual number of toasts, made

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about the propriety of giving water in this disease, some claim-

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tured to indicate my conclusions as to the causes of such failure.

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of medicine at the Harvard Medical School, at the same time being a

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seen the disease begin with an initial rigor, and the so-called " general febrile

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about ' six months along ; ' and, while we were seated at dinner

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1883; "In the Shade of Ygdrasil," 1893; "A Song of the Latter