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of gynecology and obstetrics points to be covered spiecifically in each case
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Ehresmann, Joseph J Carrollton, 111. Ferguson, James T Kansas City
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medical societies to meet the public demand for emer-
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(casein modified) from which part of the butter fat has oeen removed and to which has been added lactose, cocoanut
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through all layers of the stomach. It is growing exten-
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was no extension to either the thoracic or the abdominal cavity.
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proved by the censors, was acted upon and Dr. Hudson
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in a downward, lateral direction by ligating tribu-
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affected early in the disease, the animal will first show a hock lame-
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* This price, $17 per 100 pounds, was paid for the grand-champion load of 2-year-old
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nizes only 14 such institutions, excluding several so-called colleges
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pcinlcil ill isiitiinic saline suhitinns. cadi suliitinii cnnlainini; a sliu'litly ijil'-
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ture, the custodian of its book of record shall submit to the Department a complete set
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cass. The meat of the " B " carcasses is withheld from shipment to those countries
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sequences. In the acute surgical abdomen, accurate localization of the diffi-
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ity. However, there are, no doubt, more honest agents than dis-
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involvinir Viiri-ms ,...„t,.rs a.,.1 Mssn..i,.tin„ tra.^ts in tlio r.-r.O.r.nn a,..l
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cattle, number of tuberculin tests, fiscal year 1905-0 20
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" C '* carcasses are taken from the cooling room and rendered into lard at a temperature
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mental importance to the theory of the subject. The Pennsylvania
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intestines were withdrawn from the abdomen and covered with towels.
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31. Monrad-Krohn, G. H. : Arch. des. Mai. du Coeur, 1911, IV, 350.
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employee and returned with his report to the inspector in charge.
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The establishment reminds one of the typical country slaughterhouse, being inde-
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come lately that persons who have called physicians
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Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry for [the fiscal year ended
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room are painted 6 feet up from the floor and whitewashed above, and scales of white-
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Biopsy of this tumor revealed a squamous cell cancer.
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cheese factory company, the equipment of such establishments, the