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In all these cases there may be an acute manifestation of jaundice,

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digitalis and diuretics. Beta-adrenergic blocking agents do not abolish the inotropic action of

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has relapsed. Hence, then, is partly explained the fact that

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and " stomach staggers," are symptomatic of but one and the

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soon ceased, and the tumour could be turned round and round — in

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pital. He said that six years ago he had had a similar

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in the contraction wave. With the occurrence of pathologic lesions a

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about eight months ago they came with him to consult me.

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practitioners be made Fellows ? This was virtually the

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has already, in a large maternity, obtained the un-

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days after the onset by vomiting, screamed every five minutes for one hour,

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times in persons hanged, and he himself once. Both of these

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133. The Miracidium of Fasciola hepatica. (After Thomas, from tlie

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lytes, SGOT, bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, uric acid, BUN, creatinine, glucose, cal-

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in an hour, taking care to ascertain the temperature. If this

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tuberosum multiplex, resemble each other, but not the affection Kaposi

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tempts each year. There are statistics and studies to

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cases on close examination will be found to be not true cases of her-

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results we shall obtain if we raise our standard in the treatment. Let

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do not believe are advanced by ourselves, to support our. own f

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restoring by such processes as massage the tired muscles much more

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trained, experienced in open heart, vascular and pulmonary

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as secured that no one passed who did not possess " the

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dealing with the psychological aspect. I do not use the adjective " emotional,"

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Rule of II. I. The nerve centers are divided into two great divisions,

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nance painfully vigilant; bathed in sweat — one time hot,

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fever with a rapid pulse, ranging from 108 to 124 till the 15th

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treating of the latter affection, they will again be referred to. An accu-