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A careful search for any such fragment failed to discover it. The bone was
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gravity of the accompanying nephritis, and the condition of the stomach
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aggregated. These also usually produce a characteristic jsain rather
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first occasion of natural urination ; up to this datel
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fortunate victim of misplaced confidence is maimed or deformed for the re-
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cords : a large one and two smaller ones on the right vocal cord, nearly
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eyeball was steadied with fixation forceps, care being taken not to
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"/. That the following Fellows be appointed as such Committee:
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November 1, comes the following news: Yellow fever con-
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found especially round the Orbits or the adjacent parts of the cheeks,
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or of acute obstruction of the intestine. If the disease has occurred
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a great number of cases the affection develops yearly at the beginning of
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Watson, MAG's President-Elect, moderated Monday morning's
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What is being done for the Inebriate. The inebriate can be preached
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tomic plates, by the study of which he made himself
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nized. Foreign bodies exciting the inflammation are to be removed
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Krug, whose cyanosis appeared sooner and more intensely
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tions, and some were found in the tubuli. But very few of the latter
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ready for instant and proper use, will be found as the principal equip-
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ond day by the insects until they died — usually about
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settled in regard to this disease, and that is, that a poison (whatever it
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twenty-four hours and continued in doses sufficient to
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peritonitis may become arrested ; but in those other
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biguous epithet of cfficinalisy and • designating this species by the
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tion of fixation antibodies with acid-fast organisms, and that this is
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ently superticial. At the lower part of the slough there is a
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Motl. G. E., nnd niinkrr, S. M. Report of the clinical
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. Congestion, headache, and fulness when the period ap-
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sary only to fix a narrow strip of adhesive plaster around
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sailors and to the Queen's troops, what wonder that
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nized that the one which concerns the social and political relations
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treatment recommended for hjpersemia of the liver is also suited to
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in the stomach high up, and putting the fistula between
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on the gratitude of his patient for hi.s fee, is like