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And one cried unto another, and said. Holy, holy, holy, is the

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this was merely an inflamed testis, or I greater after operations for this form of

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in 9 out of 35 families (25 per cent.) ; and Peters, 83 out of 174

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the body from the tips of the toes up to and including

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into the bed. We can certainly state the fact : Urinary analysis will

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mitral valves having been diagnosticated, a fibrous

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of all honest persons. The refusal of the grand jury

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chart. The pulmonary signs are usually more marked in tuberculosis;

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The humidity of the atmosphere, too, is extreme and invariable : the sky

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to the median border of the latter, and, finally, the supe-

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He cited the case of a recent graduate whose answers showed

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1 would not wish to be understood here, as insiiluating

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we are, and our pupils are what they are, by reason very largely

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younger son of the laird. His home was simple, and farm work

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proper balance of physical and mental exercise and sleep.

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mortem examinations for the last ten or twelve years. But

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god is explained by Tooke thus : " A goat is always in

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of any definite structure. Both forms, viz., colorless and colored

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Those whom a few hours ago we met in s New Sydenham Society. — The third an-

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teristic portrait of Dr Milne noAv in the senatus room of King's

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of the land the sad intelligence of Hooker's death, all were startled

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with board. Each hospital also employs an apothecary.

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half a drachm of the dried leaf, should be boiled in a pint of water and strained. The

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