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Cataflam Dolor De Cabeza

at the same time, but was not macroscopically apparent. The
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jiosition of adhesive lymph around the abscess in which pus is efl'used.
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in 1915. In addition to the people treated in the counties named, fully
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All the food was changed to meat broths, beef juice, and
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suria is due to a metabolic disturbance, to a low renal threshold or to
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nister, internally, under any pretext or under any circumstcnce or
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it to be a cardiac neuritis. Dr. Huchard, Physician to
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steps in the matter, and secor.d to whom «e sliall go.
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of the fixed connective-tissue cells of the arachnoid and those lining the
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April 1: Food, 90 gm. of glucose and 300 gm. of meat. Urine, 295 c.c; spe-
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are not called for, and the cold application may be employed
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however, the tumor was still somewhat soft, showing
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rupture of the sac and the escape of the foetus into the peri-
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his strenuous labors during the past year. Owing largely to his ceaseless efforts
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entirely up to the latest investigations and discoveries. It is
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trial without opening his eyes in the interval the localizations made
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mortem examination reveals haemorrhages and haemorrhagic swellings
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no doubt of the pathologic character of the alterations
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specimens before us, the work Avill be one of great value, and the
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presents received since the last meeting were laid on the table,
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Venesection may be salutary in the commencement of pneumooia and mis-
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Probably the best article on this subject is found in the latest edition of "The
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was in the tick ; but whether the tick received it from the sheep,
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14. Gordon M, Palusci VJ. Physician training in the
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tial diagnosis is clearly given in the article by Bramwell
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3. Ventral or abdominal pregnancy, when the ovum falls into the
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as Bright's disease, in which complicating or terminal infections are
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present case, a safe assumption, and it will perhaps be
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sible within fifteen degrees from a right angle. The tendon was length-
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cardiac distress, while others with similar lesions (from a diag-
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in the production of drug eruptions: i. Constant and
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it out, both by Dr. Bryant and myself, were unsuccess-