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symptom remained the same as when first seen. About this time the

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Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility)

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The following assertions may be ventured in regard to the varying shapes of

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and, third, in having caused the mother, prior to and during

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(7) OMilciMli' I lie 1,iu-im1 M.nntuinik.itiiiii- In-twccn I lie .mtcriur .iiui

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dressing of sterile gauze or other sterile material. Keep the injun^l

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lividity will pass off, the breathing become tranquil and often refreshing sleep

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them among his hearers, had accepted these honorary

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'iisemorrhagic-icteric, and the non-hremorrhagic-icteric or con-

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finger, it is equally wrong to assume that the pos-

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is not serious — nor is it pleasant. When the patient

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the latent, life of this membrane is then more active. (2) Grafting must

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There is one other point which is pertinent to my subject.

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arrested or deficient secretion of urine. In some experiments

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suggests a line of most important and interesting study.

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instructions as to the proper mode of applying the ether.

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patient allowed to walk about the ward on crutches.

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about to be married should receive legislative protection from syphilis —

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rendering heroic services to the wounded. On his convalescence

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capillaries and small veins of the villi and submucous tissue, and these changes

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lation in the bony canal of the petrous bone. Neuralgia is sometimes

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an axe, and the anchylosis was the result of the in-

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organization or station for duty. In case the soldier is returned or

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kind — such cases, I mean, as bands or twists ; cases of internal

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palliative, but has no specific action in these af-

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age of patients who have a dropping into the throat, with

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three occasions within a period of six years, and had been latterly quite in-

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solution than that which is credited to Galen. The problem